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>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I eat bread and soup a lot. Like most days of the week. Inspired by this blog on Sunday, I decided to make bread late in the afternoon. I intended to make rye bread but, alas, while I thought I had rye flour, I didn't and couldn't find any at the closest grocery store.

So I opted for the blog's peasant bread recipe. Seeing as that recipe calls for rye flour, you might wonder what on earth I was doing since I just said the cupboard lacked any rye flour. I just skipped it, using whole-wheat flour instead. I halved the recipe, and only used 1/2 c of whole-wheat flour rather than 1/4 c. whole-wheat plus 1/4 c. rye flour. As promised, the bread required no kneading and a little under 3 hours of rising time. It yielded these:

Which look like this when cut

and sliced open.

I used Washington Island Stone Ground Wheat again for the whole-wheat flour and King Arthur white flour. The bread was a little salty so I'll reduce the salt the next time I make it. One loaf is perfect for 2 people to share (though maybe I ate all of it by the end of the night), 2 loaves were perfect for the beginning of the week's soup-eating (there's still a half loaf left after lunch today). If I were having people over, I might make 3/4 of the original recipe (which says it makes 4 loaves) but shape them into 2 larger rounds. We'll see.

I also made minestrone on Sunday, and I'll post the recipe on Friday. To tempt you until then,


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