Who Knew?

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Who knew that one needed an appointment for an oil change? I guess that's what happens when you move up from Jiffy Lube to the fancy places (I had a coupon for a free oil change and I like free things).

Who knew that the oil change place would throw in a free car wash? My brother would be so proud of my momentarily pristine-looking car. The oil change + car wash did take 1.5 hours, but it was free and I had plenty of reading, so I can't complain. Also, there was a gorgeous shepherd + something mutt in the waiting area, so I didn't really care.

Who knew that oil change places offer not only a shuttle service, but also free car use and loaner bikes? Next time I may take them up on that bike offer, and get in a ride or some errands while I wait. The loaner cars have to be requested ahead of time, but that's pretty sweet as well. I'll just reiterate that this was not your basic oil change service.

Who knew that the oil change place is doing its share to help battered women?
I'm thoroughly impressed with this fundraiser: donate $25 or more to SafeHouse and you get a free oil change, winter inspection, and car wash. I have to say that my frugal side rarely takes my car to fancier car places, but I have support a place that is this responsible -- loaner bikes and donations to charity. A pretty amazing combo.


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