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>> Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I finally mailed this baby quilt. Sometimes it takes a while to acquire addresses...if you're reading this, Jared, now you know why I asked for yours. Perhaps I'm spoiling the surprise, but I'm pretty sure he's guiding people around Israel, recovering from guiding people around Israel, or taking care of the kids, so I'm not too concerned.

In any event, this quilt is for Adiv Lior (nice name selection, I approve) but also serves as a thank you to Jared who kept my vegetarian stomach very happy last June when I staffed an Israel-by-Bike trip he guided. There might also have been engaging conversations, stimulating discussions, and sarcastic commentary that enhanced the experience.

As a little plug for his livelihood, Jared is the best experiential educator I've worked with or observed, so if you're looking for an educator or a guide, contact him soon. His schedule fills fast.

Notable observations from the post office:
1. It seems that most people do not address their envelopes and packages ahead of time. Maybe it was just the ten people in line in front of me who don't bother to address their mail ahead of time. I've never encountered this phenomenon before, but almost every person ahead of me walked up to the counter, asked about rates, and was then sent by the postal worker to the side to address their assortment of envelopes and packages.

2. A FedEx delivery guy walked into the post office with an envelope addressed to someone's PO Box. But the post office won't place anything in a PO Box that does not have USPS postage affixed. Thus I learned why one should never FedEx anything to a PO Box or request that something be FedExed to a PO Box; it can't be delivered.


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