Midnight Sledding in the Arb

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slip-slidey, post-snow fun.

2 cafeteria trays + 3 long thin plastic sleds = good times for 5 people.

After 4-5 inches of snow fell yesterday, we headed over to the Arb, whose hills send you swiveling downward. The snow pants were key as most runs end careening down a hill (not too fast, mom) and falling off the sled/tray to some degree. We worked in a few tandem runs, some of which allowed us to make it farther down the hill, some of which did not.

Prior to midnight sledding, we headed over the Corner Brewery for the Shadow Art Fair. Beer, crafts, a little trivial pursuit...we could all handle the cover of $.02 and $3 beer.

Of the vendors I saw, my favorite was All Things Grow:

all images from her etsy site

Marcy screenprints on paper and canvas and said she'd be adding lots of stuff to her shop this week. She also has a blog, and it turns out she is a sign designer for Trader Joe's. Very cool.

Other fun tables included Rifferaff. Of her cards, Sprout is my favorite:

image from etsy
Check out her blog for more information.

made me laugh:

image from here

Find Spatula Mouse here

images from their etsy site

There was also a fantastically punny one with cheese curds, but I can't find an image of it. Just imagine it: cute, witty, and all that.

All in all,
crafts + sledding =
a splendiferous evening

(and now it's back to work)


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