A Splendiferous Surprise

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

First there was a box.
Scratch that.
First there was a conniving idea.
Then there were co-conspirators, a plane ticket, and a lot of excitement.

Finally the weekend arrived.
I left the land of the Great Lakes and the (flailing) auto industry.
I boarded a plane for the land of sunshine, amazing friends, and fantastic food.
On Sunday morning, one collaborator and I set about to find a box.
A big box. A really huge box. A box I could sit in.

And we found said box. And we wrapped said box. And I got in said box.
I sat in the box, smiling to the 4 cardboard walls.
A phone rang.
My other collaborator called to say he and his crew were on their way.
The doorbell rang.
Friends arrived.
They learned of my presence, laughed, and put the box lid back on.
The surprisee (is that a word? well, now it is) was still out there.
The doorbell rang.

There she was, with family members and dessert in tow.
"There's a present for you."
"A present. A present you should open now."

The nonchalant approach.
What could be in there?
What wouldn't be delivered to my house?

A surprise. A real shocking surprise. A totally unexpected surprise.

Inside the box.
Totally shocking S who had no clue what birthday treat awaited her at the party...
she didn't want to have and protested -- to me, thousands of miles away, last Monday.
It. Was. Awesome.

* * * *
Last chance to sign up for the Sew Into Summer Fat Quarter Swap.
Go here for the info and email me (2hippos [at] gmail) to sign up.
Sign up by 11.59 pm June 3.
Ok, by the morning of June 4 will work too.
I'm checking out fabric shops this week.
Who knows what I might find for you?
A big thanks to Amy for awesome fabric shop suggestions in San Francisco and Sunnyvale.


Becky June 9, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

Gawd, don't ever pop out of a box for me! I'd pee-pee my panties!

Looks like loads of fun!

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