Some Passover Recipe Options

>> Sunday, April 12, 2009

At the midway point through 8 days of matzah, when the delights (if they were) of matzah pizza and matzah brei have run their course, it's nice to start making meals that don't depend on bread substitutes. Or at least only require minimal substitutions.

Here are some options:

From 101 Cookbooks, carrot soup and/or Japanese cabbage pizza. The former needs no substitutions while the latter requires substituting matzah meal or matza cake flour for the whole wheat pastry flour. It may not be perfect, but it should work pretty well. Make both items, add a salad, and a nice kosher-for-Passover meal emerges.

From my own recipe section, there's always crustless quiche and crustless spinach pie. You could substitute broccoli for spinach and make a broccoli pie. Likewise, minestrone soups (take out the pasta and the beans if you're Ashkenazic, take out the pasta if you're Sephardic) work well. A good home-made tomato soup would make a nice meal-starter as well.

On the dessert front, fruit is a mainstay. But if your sweet tooth, like mine, craves something else, there's nothing like using even more eggs to help you out -- meringues and meringue-crusted pies offer one good option. Yet another path includes the veritable crustless cheesecake, for which I'll post my recipe soon.

And to those readers celebrating a different holiday today, Happy Easter.


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