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>> Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm really enjoying playing with apron designs (or was enjoying, until my sewing machine decided to become uncooperative). I made this one for Torie, for her birthday. As she loves green, I knew the green fabric would be central. I designed the apron around the green fabric and the grey ribbon with dots. I've had the flower fabric for a while, just waiting to find the right project for it. And this got some of it. The pocket is larger than on my last apron, which I like, and I made the ends of the ties slanted.

A little blurry, but I like the sense of motion. I used the flower fabric on one side of the ties and blue on the other.

Another look, with sun streaming through from the windows.

* * *

Passover starts tonight, and I'm hoping to post a couple good veggie kosher-for-Passover recipes over the next 8 days. The keys to decent meals without leavened items (bread, pasta) or kitniyot (legumes, rice, etc -- Sephardic Jews eat kitniyot, and I know of many vegetarians who do as well in order to ensure there is a source of protein beyond eggs) are meals that don't require substitutes and meals that use quinoa (magically unknown to the rabbis way back when). I highly recommend good soups and salads for many meals, along with omelettes and souffles. But there are some other options, including some decent desserts if dairy is ok (cheesecake sans crust, chocolate mousse, etc).


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