Color Wheel Charm Swap

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

A few posts ago, I mentioned signing up for the Color Wheel Charm Swap. Kati assigned me orange and orange-yellow for my colors. I knew immediately what I would use for orange, but orange-yellow took a little longer to figure out.

For orange (right), I sent in 5" charms from Kate Spain's Central Park Collection, the Bridal Path print in Metro. For orange-yellow (left), I opted for Amy Butler's Full Moon Dots in Tangerine. It looks very light next to the bright orange, but it's more saturated than it appears here. I'm a pretty confident cutter, but cutting charms for the swap gave me a pause. Just a few nerves before plunging in as I needed the full yard to cut 56 charms and knew there wouldn't be enough left over if disaster hit. Handily, disaster stayed at bay, and the charms are now in Kati's hands waiting for distribution.

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