Aleph-Bet Art

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

I just learned about these posters.

They're artistic representations of the Hebrew alphabet (aleph-bet). You'll note that in this one, the first (aleph), middle (mem), and last (taf) letters are shaded. In addition to marking the beginning, midpoint, and end of the alphabet, they also spell out emet (truth). The font used is a variation of a classic and standard printed Hebrew font.

In this image, a single aleph stands in the center, and each layer of the circle adds a new letter of the alphabet. The artist, Tsilli Pines, explains the story behind these posters here.

The combination of the font and the graphics remind me of the lettering one finds on posters from mandate Palestine and the early years of the state of Israel. The font is still in use and you can see how it has a certain sans-serif-y modern edge to it.

In addition to cool posters, Tsilli Pines also designs ketubot (wedding contracts) and offers DIY ketubah kits with suggestions for ways to customize them.


Anna B. April 27, 2010 at 11:15 AM  

These prints are really cool! I like the colors and graphic quality. Thanks for sharing these!

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