Starry Night Chuppah

>> Monday, July 7, 2008

For years I had told Rebecca I would make her chuppah (Jewish wedding canopy) when she got married. When she told me she was engaged to Nir, one of her first comments was that she was ready to take me up on my long-standing offer. I was excited to try my hand at chuppah-making, and I like the result:
Rebecca requested two things: purple and a night sky. I therefore designed the chuppah using purple as the background to represent the night sky. The pinwheels create a star effect (one of the purple fabrics has silver stars on it as well). The triple border -- white, purple, white -- suggests the border of a traditional white and blue tallit (prayer shawl, often used as a chuppah).

I finished the quilt in June 2007, right as I was moving out of my apartment in California. The movers arrived to take my roommate's kitchen table just as I finished the quilt sandwich. I sewed on the binding and packed it in one of those plastic pouches in which sheets are sold. It stayed with me in my car as I drove cross-country. Here are a couple of photos of the chuppah in action (October 2007). The florist provided the stand and hung the chuppah on it.


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