Spring Baby Quilts

>> Friday, July 18, 2008

Spring brought its share of births and baby quilts:

I was in Chicago in the fall when Dan and Anita told me they were expecting and happened to be in Chicago again in the spring when Anita went into labor with Zachary. In between, their friend threw a shower for them, and while I couldn't make the party, I did send this quilt. I used many of the same fabrics I used for Eytan's quilt but arranged the blocks differently. I used a soft plaid navy flannel as the quilt backing.

I thought of Jonah's quilt as a representation of 4 windows. Like with Zachary's quilt (above), I played with fabrics I had used in Josh and Liba's chuppah. For this quilt, I created 4 blocks separated them with blue sashing and added a white border.

The final spring baby quilt was made of squares cut from a 9-square block divided into four. The dominant background fabric is cream with blue hatching and dark pink roses. The blue rectangles create a ladder pattern intersected with green rectangles and reddish-pink squares. I backed the quilt with a white and green patterned fabric, using a layer of flannel as batting.


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