Fish & Frogs

>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I made this quilt for Ananya, who arrived earlier than expected.

I had planned to make her a quilt, but had to spring into action more quickly than anticipated. I had the fish fabric from the first baby quilt I made (the previous spring) and had found the frog print over the summer. Frogs and fish seemed like a good combination for a baby quilt, so I looked through my stash for other fabrics to match. I opted for a simple design so that I could make the quilt quickly. This was also the first quilt I made in California, after getting my (awesome) antique sewing machine desk (with its telegram from 1911 in a drawer) delivered from Portland. This was also the first quilt I made on the sewing machine my grandma gave me, so a simple design gave me a chance to figure out how the machine works. I try to include a message on the back of baby quilts, in this case wishing Ani a life full of creativity and discovery.


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