An Autumn Quilt for an Autumn Wedding

>> Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ok, maybe I didn't finish it by the October wedding, but I designed it with the season in mind. Torie and Todd's wedding took place at a winery on a beautiful fall day, and I wanted to make them a quilt that would remind them of their wedding day.

I used vivid batik fabric (greens, browns, oranges, and yellows) I found at a fabric store in Bozeman, MT while driving cross-country last summer and combined it with a couple of white-on-white fabrics. Though hard to see in the pictures, vines and grapes wind their way through the border fabric (top middle photo). I like this fabric not only because it evokes the setting of the wedding and matches the other fabrics, but also because it's one of the few realistic floral-fruity fabrics that I've seen that doesn't look like it came out of one's great-grandmother's trunk of pillowcases. I backed the quilt with soft green and brown striped velour. I was happy to find this fabric as Torie loves green and I thought the quilt needed a little more green it.

I gave Torie and Todd their quilt when I visited them after New Years (but they received their other presents before their wedding...yes, multiple gifts. They were the first recipients of my bonus reward scheme for couples in which the woman does not take her husband's last name.)


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