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>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I made each of my siblings a quilt for their respective 20th birthdays. I made my sister's in the pre-digital camera era, but hopefully I can grab a picture of it the next time I'm at her apartment. My brother patiently waited for his, as he received it about 2 months before he turned 21. He loves orange and so I wanted to make him a predominantly orange quilt. I based the design on a quilt I saw hanging in the Stonemountain & Daughter Fabric Shop in Berkeley, CA (a great store, by the by).

I strip-pieced various orange fabrics with a limited amount of yellow and turquoise fabric and then cut the strips into squares. I was aiming for a random look so I tried to turn the squares in such a way that there wasn't a repetitive pattern. I think that worked. I backed this quilt with a soft tweedy-grey wool that I found on the remnant table at G-Street Fabrics in Falls Church, VA. I love the remnant table; you have to sift through a lot but every so often you can find some great gems.


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