>> Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I tend to buy fabric that catches my eye when I see it, even if I don't have an immediate need for it. That's how I came by several yards of this fun bug fabric (colored lady-bug type bugs on black). One of the reasons I like it for baby quilts is that it's gender-neutral, so I've used it in quilts for girls and boys. I made this quilt for Sophia, the daughter of a friend living in Massachusetts. I like backing quilts with soft flannel or fleece, because they are soft and warm, and they eliminate the need for batting. I had some soft orange fleece that found its way to the back of this quilt. As for the quilting part, this was pure "stitch-in-the-ditch," which until fairly recently was the form of quilting with which I was most comfortable.

I've included this close-up to give a better picture of the bug fabric even though I know the fabric doesn't lie flat. I've found, however, that even when imperfections bother me, the recipients don't seem to notice :)


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