>> Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fun frog prints are readily available and are quite useful for gender-neutral quilts. For Eytan's quilt, I modified the size and color scheme of Evelyn Sloppy's "Spring Fling" pattern in her book, 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts.

The white background fabric has white elephants printed on it. I used two frog fabrics, one all green one and one with frogs and dragonflys on a blue background. I chose other green, blue, and yellow fabrics to coordinate. Of all the quilts, I've made, this is one of my favorite patterns because it plays tricks with the viewer's eyes which makes me want to look at it even more!

I backed the quilt with soft blue flannel which makes it an ideal quilt for strollers/car seats as well as for playing on the floor as it makes cold floors a little warmer.

I finished the quilt during the week between Eytan's birth and naming ceremony. While I was pretty sure I knew what his full name would be (and, indeed, I guessed correctly!), I wasn't confident enough to write it in indelible ink on the message on the back. But I think everyone who needs to knows to whom it belongs.


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