DQS10 Inspiration Mosaic

>> Sunday, January 16, 2011

DQS10 is underway, and I received my partner's information this morning. I hope my inspiration mosaic gives my partner some hints and clues as to what I'm loving these days. Putting this together showed me how my tastes have shifted -- so many of my current favorites are based on solids and circles put together in really bold and striking ways. Of course, not all fall into this category, and my love for trees and birds, hexagons and squares persists as well. The missing square is supposed to be Elizabeth's Tokyo Subway Map quilt. There are some really neat derivatives of that quilt in her flickr group, and I'm definitely thinking about ways to use the idea for quilts of my own. Whatever the individual fabrics, colors, and designs in my mosaic, I do think they all share a sense of movement.

That said, this mosaic is intended to be inspiration so whether the quilt comes out of it directly or indirectly, or emerges from reading my blog or scrolling through my Flickr favorites or consulting a magic 8-ball, I'm excited to see what you make. And with that, let the DQS10 partner stalking begin.....


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