Lickety Split

>> Saturday, January 22, 2011

My bag-making adventures continue with Rae's Lickety Split bag. This is a great bag and a great pattern. I'm a sucky pattern reader so it of course took me several read-throughs to full get it (even after I watched several people make them a month or so ago under Rae's tutelage). But once I got it, I got it. This bag used an Alexander Henry print on the outside and Amy Butler dots on the inside. Although it's a little hard to see here, the AH print's repeat is perfect for the pattern as you get the blue flower with ovals in the same spot on both sides.

Because I am thoroughly incapable of just following directions and instead need to modify everything, I moved the pockets from the sides to the middle of the bag and only put them on the inside, here shown on the outside. I'm not a fan of outside pockets and don't use them so these stay ensconced on the inside and are quite useful. Indeed, this bag is marvelous. I made it right before I moved, and the morning I left town, I used it to throw in all the last-minute things that need a spot -- phone charger, ipod charger, phone, ipod, wallet, snacks, etc. Here in DC, I find it a great bag to accompany me around town -- I can toss a book, a water bottle, and an array of smaller items in it. The pockets hold my phone and wallet (at least when I remember to put them in the pockets) so I don't have to scramble to reach my phone when it rings. Who am I kidding? I almost always scramble to grab my phone since even with it's charmingly distinctive ring, I have to remember that that sound is indeed my phone.

I made another version of the bag for a friend. Here I used a combination of Art Gallery prints, with the more sedate whisps on the outside and louder Sugar print on the inside.

And a creamy pocket. I just liked the cream with the sugar. It's how I take my coffee, after all. Of course, she may decide to flip the "sides" or reverse it everyday or what have you. It's her call.

And, finally, a gratuitous artsy shot of the strap. And the side edge of my brother's fancy bar stool chair.


Shelley January 22, 2011 at 6:59 PM  

Cute bags! Love all the fabrics you chose too.

Becky January 22, 2011 at 10:59 PM  

I agree! Those fabrics are so great!

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