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>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I've recently acquired information that tells me multiple baby quilts, several challah covers/table runners, and a chuppah are in my future. In my to-make future, that is. I'm already behind on one baby quilt, but I figure the kid doesn't need this blanket immediately. Which is good, since she was born almost 3 months ago at this point.

I had a group of about 5 fabrics that I wanted to use together, and this quilt provided a good opportunity. Then a (semi-simple) plan for the quilt struck me, in say, January. And then in early February I thought I should really get on this project. And then last week I learned I'll be making at least 3 more baby quilts in the coming months (any other news I should know about?). And then I figured I should really get on this one because grad school prevents me from being quilter extraordinaire, at least time-to-completion wise.

So this weekend, I began cutting and sewing. At which point 5 fabrics became 7 fabrics, and several of the blocks became semi-improv style blocks. Well they're totoally improv in that I didn't plan them out. They're not totally improv in that the conform to a square shape with single fabrics comprising each square. But that works for me. And I hope it works for the quilt. Here's a little preview of some blocks.

More to come. Later. Maybe.


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