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>> Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I started a new project this weekend. It's an experiment in working with two colors because these fabrics complement one another nicely.

I haven't gotten very far (writing papers will do that to you), but I've learned that my mental arithmetic (mostly multiplication and division) could use some practice (or perhaps some paper and pencil assistance). I had this idea that I would make squares slightly larger than the pattern calls for and started cutting strips for the squares, only to realize that I would be about 2 inches short of the white fabric (which I picked up somewhere long ago so I can't just go out and buy more). I wasted a little fabric due to this mistake, but at least I realized the problem before I had cut out all the squares.

p.s. This is an experiment in auto-posting, to see how blogger does if I order it to hold the post and then publish it at a certain time. Kind of neat, if I managed to set it properly.


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