>> Thursday, February 16, 2012

Exactly one month ago, I received an email detailing my For the Love of Solids partner assignment, which included her likes, dislikes, and swap desires. I clicked on her mosaic and wandered through her flickr favorites. I quickly knew exactly what I would do. The plan simmered for abut 30 days. With the exception of some minor color tweaks, the plan remained the same. In my head. Day after day, I would think about it, contemplate it, dissect it, diagram it, arrange it. In my head. The project took form, the puzzle pieces arranged themselves, the idea came into being. In my head.

Finally, it boiled over. I had to sketch it out, to attach numbers to proportions, to map and adjust the layout. Three pages of graph paper later, I was ready. Ready to cut, to manipulate, to piece. Ready to make templates, to draw angles, to add seam allowances, to create. And with the aid of my cutting mat and rulers, with pen and paper, I drew lines. And redrew them. And copied them. {Side note: when one's printer/scanner/copier is out of black ink, it is best to hit the "color copy" button if one wants said machine to spit out more than the blank page fed into to it minutes before.}

Several hours later, my FTLOS project was truly underway. Head.Paper.Fabric. All in one night.


Esch House Quilts February 16, 2012 at 12:49 PM  

What a wonderful description of your creative process! I look forward to seeing your FTLOS piece. I've been working on mine this morning too.

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