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>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

I spent last weekend with the blur above. Fast is definitely Gracie's preferred speed, unless she's curled up in "her" chair or sprawled on top of you.

Even though this picture is still blurry, I like the way it conveys motion. As I was taking it, I remembered learning about action photography in high school (something that continued in college as I was a photographer for sports information -- the best season was fall, because most of the sports played on fields in the valley surrounded by brilliantly colored leaves on the trees rising into the mountains).

Some dogs "get" that in order to fetch things, they have to relinquish the item. Gracie doesn't really understand this concept, as she likes to hold on to the frisbee (or ball or bone or stick) unless forced to give it up. The relationship between running after a recently-thrown object and yielding said object is foreign to her. Even when she got tired and rested, she wanted to hold onto the frisbee (a Kong frisbee, by the by, which seems quite sturdy for those of you with dogs).

Sometimes I called her the pirate or the panda, for the black spots around her eyes. The long tongue prefers to be out of her mouth as she exemplifies what a friend would call "a licky dog."

I'm off to the dentist shortly, and hope it's as routine as a routine cleaning should be. I'm hoping to (finally) post my whirligigs-without-a-template tutorial this weekend. And maybe push forward on a few more quilting projects.


Anonymous October 1, 2009 at 11:07 AM  

Your pooch looks as busy as ours! We have 3 shelties but the youngest is called "the Silver Streak" - wonder if we could have a "virtual" race:o)
My semi-annual dentist appt. is Monday...white knuckled all ready! Don't you love that "I can float out of the dentist office" feeling when you are done? It always calls for a treat at the LCQ afterwards...
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous October 1, 2009 at 11:10 AM  

I am nervous about the dentist - meant to type LQS!

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