>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

photo from IBOL guy

I'm still working on the Miracle Foundation quilt log cabins and have a few more ideas for a couple more quilts. As I looked over the pile of fabric I'm using, I realized 2 things:

1. I have way more pink fabrics than I ever would have imagined, not being a pink person myself.
2. Even if I make 2 more quilts after the log cabins, there will be fabric left over.

So I decided to send off another IBOL package. I eyeballed (bad pun) the pile, estimated how much I should save for future quilts, backing, and binding, and took the rest, along with some fabric my stash, and marched over to my local post office. Ok, I didn't march. I biked, in the drizzling rain, to the post office filled with people mailing books (university town + start of school = lots of books being mailed), confusedly trying to send things abroad (which form? which box? which stamps? that much?!?!), and attempting to rent p.o. boxes.

I crammed my bundle into the priority mail box, filled out the customs form, got a hold of some priority mail tape to secure it well, and twiddled my thumbs as I waited, hoping I would make it through the line in time to get to class on time. Luckily, the line moved, and I had plenty of time before my seminar. I've learned to allow extra time at the post office because it can a slow slow crawl to the counter. By the time I left, it was pouring again. I keep telling the rain that I'm fine with the water but I'd like it to restrict itself to the evening; for some strange reason, the rain has not listened to me. I'll keep trying.


Becky September 9, 2009 at 4:41 PM  

Good for you but what is up with that rude rain! geez.....

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