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>> Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's a busy week, what with Labor Day, school starting, weddings to attend (though they come at the end of the week), and Rebecca and Nir having a boy this morning (nothing like an American going into labor in Israel on American Labor Day). One of the tasks on my summer to-do list was making a baby quilt in time to give it to my parents in early August so they could give it to Rebecca's mom who could serve as the courier when she goes to Israel (in a couple days, a flight scheduled for Rebecca's due date).

I made the quilt to correspond to the blues and purples of Rebecca and Nir's chuppah. As you may be able to tell from following this blog, I like bold and bright colors more than light and pastel ones, and consider all the colors I like appropriate for children of either gender!

In choosing this pattern, I was challenging myself to find a pattern that used three fabrics. I've had the purple Michael Miller fabric for a while and I really wanted to use it with this quilt but had a hard time settling on fabrics that worked well with it. (As an aside, I'll note that the fabric found its way into my stash much earlier than I knew anything about the provenance of fabrics and well-known designers; I just liked it and I'm not even sure where I found it). I like the purple with the dark blue (that has some silver specks) and the cream with navy print. The interlocking squares suggest some Celtic patterns -- perfect for the son of a woman mildly obsessed with all things Irish in high school. Finally, I backed the quilt with a soft jersey cotton fabric (top right image) full of purple, blue, and gray triangles.


Anonymous September 4, 2008 at 9:27 PM  

Pretty! I like the blue and purple combo.

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