My Sewing Machine Needs a Muffler

>> Friday, November 5, 2010

Last night was wonderful. Rae organized the SE Michigan Craft Meetup, and it was fantastic. I don't know exactly how many people showed up, but around two dozen of us sewed, knitted, and snacked our way through the evening. It was so nice to meet new people, including Emily who lives close to me and gave a bunch of us some tips on where to find some clearance Mendocino fabric. A trip to the fabric store might be necessary this weekend!

Aside from the wonderful company, last night was lovely because I actually spent several hours sewing, a luxury I haven't had as I scramble to get work done and try to stay on top of all the things I need to do each week. I've had a quilt top and back draped over my futon for months now, and I finally quilted it last night. I am grateful to the other crafty ladies who put up with my loud loud machine -- as Rae said, "it needs a muffler," and she's totally right. Actually, I was a bit jealous of all the newer, quieter, fancier sewing machines the other folks had. However, as Rebekah, the sweet librarian working across from me, reminded me, mine works and that's what matters. Still, a new machines that can do more without violating city noise ordinances would be nice. One day...maybe...

Updated to add this link to Rae's blog post and pictures.


~Michelle~ November 5, 2010 at 12:56 PM  

yep, one day a new machine will come to live with me too! in the mean time, I think mine will visit the Husqvarna doctor over Christmas when we go back to visit the families...pretty sure 4 years means its time for some maintenance...

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