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>> Thursday, June 11, 2009

Warning: Rant Ahead
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I am very aggravated by the state DMV right now. I've been there two days in a row to try and get a license. Each time there was a problem with documents, all stemming from the fact that the website provides limited information unless one clicks on the pdf that contains the expanded information. Said pdf explains in great detail the requirements, but the basics are listed on the website and don't elaborate on certain details like dates and unexpiredness.

Today I learned that my just-expired passport was no good for establishing my citizenship. Even though the US government accepts expired passports for proof of citizenship for I-9s. And even though I purposefully didn't send my (now-expired) passport off to be renewed because then I wouldn't have it to get the license. Catch-22. Now I need to acquire an original, certified copy of my birth certificate (currently residing out-of-state) overnight in order to apply for the license tomorrow so that the real one arrives in a week before I travel (because the DMV office only issues a paper temporary license). Arrgh.

This is particularly galling to me for reasons listed above as well as the fact that after an 1+ hour wait yesterday, the guy looked at my documents and sent me home to get a current W2 to substitute for a social security card. Could he not have informed me of the passport issue then as well?

[I know at least one reader of this blog will point out that I should have taken care of this long ago. That's true, and this situation is partly my fault. But I still maintain that full info posted, not linked, on a website + information from the clerk could have made this a lot easier. And don't get me started on not making the basic form available until you reach the counter. Way to slow things down.]

To summarize, as 1/4 of an inch noted the other day, slight variations matter: "it doesn't take much for something to be super good or super bad - just a 1/4 of an inch." This too shall pass, it's just the major aggravation of the week.

Ok, rant over.

So what's the bright side? Yesterday I made myself lasagne to assuage my annoyance (recipe will come tomorrow). Today, I trolled through my Google Reader to catch up on blogworld news and excitement. If you haven't already see it, Venezie Bags is having an awesome giveaway/sweepstakes right now. Click on the link to enter and see all the neat prizes being offered to one lucky winner.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, On the Dot Creations has posted a download for these neat gift tags.
I'm partial to the trike one myself.

Finally, head over to Poppytalk for the Incredible Massive Letterpress Giveaway. I know winning that pile of awesome letterpress items would cheer me up! I'm sure it would brighten your day too.


DangAndBlast! June 11, 2009 at 1:54 PM  

Reminds me of my mother trying to help my kid brother get his license -- finally, after the fourth trip, she took the name of the person who told her if she brought that One More Thing (and had that person write down what-all she needed), she'd be all set -- that finally worked, when she got there the next day, and they asked for extra stuff (that's not on the website or anywhere else), and she could cite the person and show that person's list -- and they gave in. It's like they enjoy being difficult!

Sara June 11, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

I hate the DMV. They always want something you don't have when you go. Its a never ending battle! Hope you get things worked out!

Rachel June 11, 2009 at 5:02 PM  

What a PAIN! You woulda thought that was plenty of time to get it taken care of. Everybody is so security conscious any more; but sometimes it goes over board.

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