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>> Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've returned to the whirlwind life: going to sleep in 5 different places in 6 nights. It's almost glamorous, except for the shlepping of stuff, the digging through the bag for contact-lens solution, and the reacquaintance with x-long twin beds. So maybe a college dorm room isn't glamorous, but my 10-year college reunion (go Ephs!) was delightful and fun, if a tad exhausting. In the past week, I also snuck in a couple of academic conferences and now I have a couple of weeks in New York for research (and play). In each of my previous NYC summer stints, I lived in Brooklyn. This time, my friend and I are subletting an apartment in the East Village, which means--among other things--that I am surrounded by tons of vegetarian cafes and restaurants...pure delight, I must say.

While real life has a funny way of limiting sewing time, I managed to get these blocks together (at the last possible second) for do.Good Stitches. In May, Kelli asked for framed patchwork blocks. I was grateful for a simple block (see: last-minute sewing), and I think these will look great together in a quilt.


~Michelle~ June 14, 2012 at 4:28 PM  

Oh Em Gee... dorm beds, that is crazy business! Not something I want to go back to, lol! Although, I do have a pair of shower shoes (aka-Old Navy flip flops) packed in my maternity hospital bag that are very reminiscent of my dorm days...old habits die hard, that fear of foot fungus is a powerful one!

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