Ahh, Delinquency

>> Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was trying to hold out on posting until it was time to post the winner of the May SMS Giveaway, but I'm here now.

Sooooo, if you're looking for the SMS Giveaway (ends tonight), go here.
If you're looking for the SEWN Giveaway (ends June 7), go here.
If you're looking for the super-duper Fat Quarter swap (sign-ups end June 3), go here.

Some real hippos (Lake Naivasha, Kenya)

Now on to other delicacies and delights, or just delinquencies.

*Last week I managed, just barely, to post a recipe for a Soba Noodle salad. I said I would be returning to Friday recipes. I meant to post a custard fruit tart and/or cheesecake recipe this week -- it was Shavuot, one of my favorite Jewish holidays in part because of the tradition of eating dairy feasts. (Other highlights of the holiday include the emphasis on learning through all night learning sessions the first night, the reading of the book of Ruth (my favorite Biblical text), the barkey harvest (or just that it's the edge of the spring/summer divide), and the fact that it's a reasonable 2 ay holiday). In any event, delicious dessert recipes to come...sometime sort of soon.

*Way back when, about 2 weeks ago, I posted about the gift I made my mom for mother's day, out of the delightful Alexander Henry Juicy fabric. I promised to post pictures. But then I forgot to take pictures while at home in range of the gift. As a result, I'll have to wait until the next time I'm home to grab some photos and share it. Apologies.

*Finally, even farther back into the past, I posted about this whirligig quilt. In the comments, I promised a tutorial on my non-template method. I still owe you that one. It's on my list of June things-to-do. I'll do my best.

On the non-delinquent front, I offer you one of Laura Gunn's new fabrics, Climbing Lantern Pods in Turquoise. Can you really not swoon over this one?


Sara May 31, 2009 at 3:13 PM  

Cool fabric! We will all wait patiently for photos and tutorials!

Like the picture of the real hippos and glad you enjoyed your holiday!

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