Spring Ahead

>> Friday, March 13, 2009

The shift to Daylight Savings Time last weekend threw me all week. I naturally wake up with the sun, so the altered clock meant it was still dark when the alarm clock tried to rouse me. That's the thing, a week ago I didn't need anything to rouse me and this week the voices of NPR interrupted my sleepy state. But the benefit of light later in the day is worth it and, even more worth it, is the anticipation of spring. I like to believe that the swirling snowflakes that greeted me on Wednesday (?) morning were simply a mirage. In any event, I'm looking forward to more sun, warmth, and daffodils (there are some buds in the front yard).

I've been wanting to figure out how to make an apron for a while now (I do cook, after all). Using this tutorial from lululollylegs, I made this (very spring-like, if I do say so myself) last night:

I modified the tutorial slightly, choosing not to gather the skirt and stick to a plain edge. Having never made a skirt or apron before and thus having never gathered any edges, I thought it was wise to keep it simple. Lacking ric-rac, I opted for the grosgrain ribbon.

This picture doesn't do the colors justice, but I like the ribbon and the colors work well with all the fabric. The ribbon also creates some crinkly-ness, so while there is no gathered skirt, there is some texture. I used blue dragonfly fabric for the back and ties, as it coordinates with the multi-color dragonflies on the pocket and waistband.

It's a little awkard trying to quickly take a picture of the apron on me, but so it goes. This will be in the mail shortly as a thank you gift for a friend who let me stay at her apartment while I was over at the archives a few weeks ago. I'll definitely be making some more of these as they're fun, useful, and an evening's project. I think I'll enlarge the pocket and the waistband on the next one.


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