I Shouldn't Have, But....

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am a terrible person to take shopping. Really. I am awful. I am the last person you want to drag along to buy clothes, shoes, whatever. Just ask my mom, my sister, my friends. The smart ones know not to even ask. The rest learn. I warn them, but often they have to experience it to believe it.

Fabric, however, is different. I can spend many hours looking, touching, deciding. The same is often true for paper, but these days fabric wins out. It wins out even more when I can do it from my computer and there are really. good. sales.

Above All Fabric got some business from me. Three - five dollar yards of good-quality fabric are hard to pass up, especially when 1/2 yards are available for purchase and shipping is free. Check out the specials here. Except for the ones I killed off, like the Rio Squares. [Rio Flowers pictured below...1 yard left....$3]. Hat tip to True Up for the sale and free shipping info.

And then there is Quilt Arts. They're having a tremendous sale, including $1.25 fat quarters and 50% off everything. That's right. Half-Off. Everything. Like Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I've long admired Paperweight

and Roman Glass

and so I got myself some of each, and some of others. Hat tip to my swap partner, Quilt Dad.

My stash will be pleased, my bank account less so. But it's been a while since I purchased fabric, and I'm justifying this as planning for the many fabric-items I'll be making in future months. And I limited myself to many fewer fabrics than I would have purchased if I had unlimited fabric funds, which I most certainly do not. I did realize, after I clicked "purchase" that I yet again went for blue, red, and brown fabrics. Which is great, because I love them.

But I'm horrible at buying yellow, green, and orange (though I'm getting better on the orange front). My eye is never drawn to them as much. How should I fix this and even out the colors of the stash? I'm ok on green for the moment,but yellow is sorely missing, much to my mother's yellow-loving chagrin.

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