>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

The tree people are outside my window lopping off, err pruning, the large mulberry tree in my front yard. It's big, it hangs over the roof, it fiddles with the chimney...it was about time for trimming. I'm hoping it will reduce squirrel access to the house because the far-to-tenacious-for-my-taste red squirrels make their way into the house. I know. I can hear them. I can hear their dancing, bowling, burrowing, scratching ways, and I hate them. I don't much hate much, I try not to hate, but I hate the squirrels.

Turning to more positive things, the tree trimmers inspired me to take a look at Etsy and find some eyecandy, err some of my favorite prints. All of these come from betsythompsonstudio out of Portland, Maine. Any donations to my living room walls will of course be graciously accepted. Or just treat your eyes.

feels familiar
Winter Wait

cheerfully winter

haunting & beautiful
Solitary Journey

love it

who doesn't need
Peace in the Garden


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