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>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purple coat,
meet scarf,

Have fun together

As I mentioned previously, one reason I wanted to teach myself how to make scarves was to create a scarf that matches my purple wool coat. I love my purple wool coat, a $20 or so find in Madison when I went to visit several falls ago. Wool coats are useful and often stylish but generally black, or maybe camel, or sometimes even red if you're feeling wild. I thought purple was a nice way to be stylish, professional, and not boring.

But I own a light blue scarf (so soft! bought in Glasgow 7 1/2 years ago) and a stripy green/turquoise/yellow one. They work well with my other coats and jackets (I've collected a few over the years) but don't look professional or stylish with the purple. The light blue is ok and has been the stand-in for the past few years but I never loved the combo.

I got a remnant of the fabric I used (which might be called "Rio Floral" but I'm not sure as the selvage on the piece I have doesn't say) from jcaroline creative this summer. Originally I was going to use it for part of a duvet cover, back when I lived in a white room. But then I moved and moved again and painted my room blue and the fabric was no longer a viable duvet cover option. But as winter approached and I looked in the closet and remembered that I wanted a scarf to match the purple coat, the fabric emerged from my stash as the leading contender.

I thought about a more patchwork-y scarf and I thought about additional quilting, but in the end I went for simplicity. One fabric + off-white fleece (it's neutral, warm, and matches the fabric and the coat) = new scarf. I like letting the fabric stand on its own. As for the quilting, to be totally honest, I'm good with straight lines and wavy lines but I kind of suck at curves (it doesn't help that I break the rules and lack a walking foot; if someone would like to donate a walking foot to my cause, I'm ready and willing to accept it). I didn't want to ruin the fabric or the scarf. And also I was impatient and leaving for New York and wanted to just wear it. So here it is. I'm happy with it.


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