Secret Admirer? Mysterious Benefactor?

>> Sunday, January 25, 2009

I owe someone a big thank you. But I don't know who that someone is. After a less-than-ideal Friday (for this and other reasons), I awoke to sunshine streaming into my room on Saturday. It was already off to a better start. I puttered around my house, went for a run, and did some reading. A couple minutes before leaving for a lovely shabbat lunch, I checked the mail. There was the usual end-of-January assortment of tax documents, a postcard urging me to pay money to activate my membership in some national honor society (Your Membership Number is Included!), and a small manila envelope filled with something soft.

I racked my mind to think if I had recently ordered fabric or something else that might be enclosed in softness. Nope, couldn't remember anything and I'm not usually prone to forgetting such things. I look at the return address and don't recall knowing anyone by that name or from that place in North Carolina.

Stymied but curious, I open the envelope and find two lovely handmade totes, one in green and one in pink. With a cute cat card wishing me a nice day. Hmm. Very nice, but still no clue as to whom bestowed this upon me. Clearly someone who knows my name and address and perhaps knows my predilection for handmade items.

I've called my parents and several friends who I thought might be responsible for this gesture. Nada. No clue as to who made my day even brighter. I'd like to thank this person, whomever he or she is. If you are this person, please identify yourself so I can thank you properly.

This surprise package reminded me of the wonderfulness (let's just pretend that's a word) of unexpected gifts. A college friend of mine has a policy that rather than set out to buy people gifts for their birthdays or other occasions on which gifts are de rigeur, she simply buys and gives gifts as she sees something that she thinks a person should have or would like. The gifts show up according to no calendar and no set of rules. Some years they may be no gifts, other years multiple gifts. It just depends. And it's nice to have a friend like that (and maybe another one too, as she is not responsible for this package). I highly recommend trying out this theory. I've done it, and it's fun to make people's day with such surprises.

Since I'm not sure to whom to direct my thanks, I'm left to speculate. And every time I tell this story to a friend or family member, one of the first suggestions is "perhaps you have a secret admirer." Perhaps. And I confess to loving the idea of having a secret admirer. But then the rational part of the brain kicks in and asks "what kind of secret admirer would send bags instead of, say, chocolate?" I guess it all depends on the message trying to be conveyed.

So shed your secret if you will, or send me a clue, or just accept my internet thanks -- for the bags, for brightening my day, and for bringing me a mystery to ponder.


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