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>> Saturday, January 2, 2010

I just signed up to participate in DQS8 -- or at least I emailed and tried to sign up, though I don't know if I made the cut off. Over the past year, I've watched as multiple posts pop into my reader with news of the this swap. I've seen pictures of beautiful quilts made covertly for others and pictures of the recipient displaying the new quilt. Reading these posts introduced me to more amazing modern quilters, inspired me to wade into new design and fabric territory, and encouraged me to think about joining in.

In case I'm accepted, here are some quilt designs I really enjoy.

1. Mermaid Garden, 2. String Quilt, 3. animal sherbet squares quilt, 4. far far away hexagon quilt, 5. Beach House Quilt, 6. Quilt at Train Depot , 7. Half Square Triangle Quilt, 8. Doug's Christmas quilt, 9. IMG_dotnspot20001, 10. 'burning embers', 11. Mini Quilt from MarilynKB, 12. BuzzCuts | November block for jgmehlin

Signing up for DSQ8 also led to more firsts:
*Adding photos to my Flickr account (previously used just to join groups).
*Making a cool photo mosaic that I've seen many people use for year-end photo reflections.
*Realizing that I'm a sucker for either lots of color against a plain white/gray background and sharp solids combined in interesting ways (hexagons, circles, triangles, zig-zags).

I've got another first, a new little quilt, to post soon. It was going to be my first post of 2010, but it's been pushed aside for the moment. Coming soon...


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