My Love Affair with Orange

>> Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Maybe it's the influence of autumn or maybe it's just a change in sentiment, but deep oranges attract me more and more. Even when I don't use a ton of orange, I'm drawn to the color, the depth, the richness, the warmth.

Here's a preview of a wedding gift I finished last week and took with me to a Halloween wedding this past weekend. It displays a lot of fall colors and tones, and while I vacillated about the binding, alternating between the orange seen above (which doesn't do justice to the color) and a brown option, the orange kept pulling me back in. So I went for it, and rather like the result.

I'll show the whole thing in my next post (though the rainy, grayness of last week interfered with getting decent pictures).

All wrapped up. The magenta matches one of the fabrics in the table runner, and I realized that I had a ribbon that almost perfectly matched the color of the paper. No plain white or taupe wrapping paper in my apartment! When I placed the wrapped gift on the table, the loud, unwilling-to-blend-in gift certainly stood apart from the others (admittedly, it never crossed my mind to think about white wrapping many friends can attest, I'm not well-socialized to many protocols of weddings, giftwrap included. More on after this weekend's upcoming wedding!)


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