A Market Bag for Rachel

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

While I'm in New York and not making anything new, I'm going to post about some projects I finished in the spring and saved pictures and stories for the summer.

I made this bag for Rachel as part of a Facebook craft exchange. I used this tutorial from Lula Louise for her market/shoulder bag. I didn't have 54" fabric, so I followed the instructions for 44" fabric that require sewing the handle together. Overall, the pattern was pretty easy for a beginner bag-maker. I had a few moments of confusion, but stopping to reread the pattern, look at the pictures, and think about how the bag should look in the end generally resolved my questions. This isn't to say I never had to rip out any seams and start again -- I did -- and I did manage to twist the handle while sewing it, but in the end the bag turned out like a bag.

It is reversible, though I think the large pattern fabric looks better. Also, the bottom oval seam on the small patterned side isn't as smooth, but so it goes. Finally, I used regular fabric, though I think heavier weight fabric would, as the pattern suggests, ultimately be more durable. However, the regular fabric one is fine for most needs. Maybe it won't stand up to months of farmer's market wear, but it should hold a wallet, book, bottle of water, and keys for a while.

It took me forever, like months, to actually get it to Rachel (and it's not like we live so far apart). She was pleased with it, which is what matters most. And she and Moshe are getting married this weekend. Mazel Tov in advance!

p.s. If you're looking for another shoulder bag option, check out tiny happy's free pattern/tutorial here. It's on my "to-make" list as well.


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