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>> Wednesday, July 13, 2011

While perusing posts in Google Reader this morning, I discovered For the Love of Solids [a modern swap]. When I made my last mosaic for DQS10, I realized I had a ton of solids-only or mostly-solids in my flickr favorites. As a result, this seemed like the perfect swap to join I'm coveting lots of solids quilts. I still need to finish, err make, my totally late DC Modern Quilt Guild Solids Challenge quilt, which is next in line after I roll around with my Terrain scraps.

But in the meantime, joining another swap seemed wise like a fine summer activity to add to my growing to-do list. And picking just 16 solids or solid-ish quilts was actually tough, so, assuming I get in, I think my partner will have lots of ideas and inspiration with which to work. I realize that my mosaic also highlights my inclination toward shades of blue, but I also love deep saturated oranges and reds. In any event, I'm hoping this swap will push me to start making more solids quilts, since I seem to click the star on so many of the ones I've seen. To learn more or to sign up, click here.


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