>> Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Apparently it's already time to buy your 2009 wall calendars.

I'm a devoted Nikki McClure fan, so her calendar is on the "to buy" list. You can find it here. If you live in Madison, WI, A Room of One's Own has stocked them in the past. I imagine other independent bookstores carry them as well. To see more of McClure's work, check out her website or go to BuyOlympia.

Perusing etsy today, I saw this sweet calendar:

You can admire its colorful and crisp design here.

I know this post is a little different than usual, but I can only blame/credit friends who introduced me to Nikki McClure and have made me want to share the love. In fact, last year when I moved into my former (awesome) apartment, I brought 6 framed McClure prints with me. They had previously hung in the dining room, and I liked them in public spaces. My new roommate was out of town Labor Day weekend and I decided to hang them anyways. I left a note for Joel, indicating that I had hung these prints I really like but, if he hated them, I would take them down and make my bedroom a gallery. As it turned out, Joel had just seen a Nikki McClure exhibit that weekend and had wanted to buy some prints but couldn't figure out how to take them back on the plane without harming them. Some would call it luck or karma that 2 people who barely knew one another were in full agreement about the merits of the prints; I would suggest that it's a testament to how awesome the prints are.


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